I don't want to join.

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I don't want to join.

Post  Solid on Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:34 pm

I've decided that CE gaming is going to be the league I want to be in for the rest of 2K12. It's still a strong league.

I really appreciate the offers but it has to be this way. It feels more like home. Now, maybe one day in 2K13 I might decide to come back to where I started. I love each and every one of you and I hope you feel the same for me.

Flash/Rose - I've known you for quite a while. You're a fag.

Nascar - I know we went through some problems recently, but, I still respect you. I wish others could say the same with you, but they are little kids.

Trey - Sorry about going off on you a couple months ago. I was already in a bad mood.

F1 - Mixed feelings. Sometimes you take stuff personal. Most of the time you are cool.

RobdeeZL!!!!- my true nigga. this guy right her is my home dog for real. even if he says im not active, hes still one cool mother fucker. afro

i guess thats it. maybe if CE gaming doesn't work out, i will make my much anticipated return!

I'm not going to say good bye. That would mean I'm never coming back.



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